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Gist of India Year Book 2022 for UPSC Exam

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Published: 21st Apr, 2022

Gist of India Year Book 2022 for UPSC Exam

India Year Book 2022 is a recognized book for UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE). This annual publication is issued by the Publication Division (media unit) of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India. It includes the report of all the ministries under the Government of India. In short, this compilation is a comprehensive digest of the country's progress in various aspects.

Though it is equally important in all the stages of the examination, it assumes greater significance in the Preliminary examination as it covers all the relevant information regarding Government’s programs and policies; and other important updates of the country in all the different sectors.

GS Score publishes the Gist of the India Year Book which covers the most relevant chapters in a crisp format to save time and increase efficiency. We not only summarize the important data and information but also add value to it by integrating important notes and extra information regarding the concept. Thus, the Gist will not only help improve exam-racing prowess but actually enable one to ace the examination. 

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