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Gist of Report : Future of Jobs in India – 2.0

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Published: 11th Jun, 2019

Gist of Report : Future of Jobs in India – 2.0

Future of Jobs in India – A 2022 Perspective’ report

The reports form a crucial part for UPSC exam preparation. In this context, GSSCORE provides UPSC aspirants the relevant and important reports for examination purpose. In this direction GSSCORE delivers the Gist of ‘Future of Jobs in India – A 2022 Perspective’ report which provides a vision of change in the Indian job market over the next few years. Job and employment is the crucial and favourite theme of UPSC for mains paper and many times relevant facts have been asked in PT exam.

    • Report provides an overview of the projected job creation rates for the next five years, new job roles that will emerge and the skills and expertise that will be required for success in this emerging dynamic environment.
  • The report analyse the impact of  recent retreat in globalization due to recent rise of nationalist sentiments in the west, scraping of the Trans- Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal, Brexit; disruption due to new technologies like IoT, Virtual Reality (VR), Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and demographic change on the job creation in India.

This report provide a deep insight and relevant facts on jobs and skill requirements thus is helpful for UPSC aspirants both in PT and Mains exam. You can download it from GSSCORE website in download section.


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