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Gist of YOJANA : - August 2022

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    26th Dec, 2022


In the struggle against the British opposition and the quest for freedom, people communicated through literature in the forms of poetry, patriotic songs and slogans etc. This ‘imagination’ imbued with words led to the creation of fiction as strong as Anandmath which ignited the resistance movement. Different forms of literature resonated with the masses and voiced the own expression against tyranny. These words invigorated the feeling of oneness and selfless love for the motherland. Poems and songs like Vande Matram, Sarey Jahan se Achha and Himadri Tung Shring se, instilled pride in our historical and geographical importance and reaffirmed the belief in the cultural richness of the land. These utterances also brought people together beyond caste and creed. It helped in uniting people as a single force against the external forces to protect their motherland and identity.


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