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Gist of YOJANA : July 2021

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Published: 15th Jul, 2022

Gist of YOJANA : July 2021
The Northeastern Region (NER) has several unique and unparalleled features; fertile land, abundant water resources, evergreen dense forests, high and dependable rainfall, mega biodiversity, flora and fauna and a mixture of socio-economic, political, ethnic and cultural diversity. This issue of Yojana is an attempt to connect with the Northeastern region and collectively learn a bit more. The region has its own unique challenges and opportunities. While the entire world is moving towards sustainability, it has been a way of life in the North East innately linked to nature. This needs to be amalgamated today between development and our natural habitat today especially in our metropolitan cities amidst changing worlds. The North East does have a unique indigenous culture and this has to be protected yet made relevant to modern times today.    
 The issue of Yojana  tries to bring varied glimpses, opinions, and research on the region. It is felt that a synergy is needed among the inter-disciplinary research community, policy planners and implementers, along with civil society to deal with the multifaceted challenges in the states. The common perception has been that the potential of the northeast is yet to be tapped to reap the benefit for its people. Under the aegis of The Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region, the government is committed to accelerate the pace of socio-economic development of the region so that it may achieve the growth parity with the rest of the country.  

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