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Gist of YOJANA : October 2021

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Published: 19th Oct, 2022

Gist of YOJANA : October 2021
Science is the forerunner of development. It is an inquisitive historian connecting us most precisely with our pasts, a wondrous fortune teller who warns us of climate change and its effects, and an innovative artist showing us glimpses of our future through the prototypes of the most recent inventions—with science, the possibilities become never-ending. Introducing our younger generation to such a limitless universe of scientific knowledge, is a responsibility of all. Starting from the basic scientific temperament and rational thinking to making science a career choice, this should be a journey that needs to be open and accessible to everyone. 
This issue of Yojana brings to you some phenomenal stories from the world of science and technology. It tries to decode the functioning of various lesser-known fields of science including nanotechnology, geomagnetism, atomic energy, earth sciences, among many others. Science and technology are ever-evolving. There will be inventions, discoveries, and even unsuccessful experiments taking place in the labs worldwide while you are reading this. As they say, even the failures of these experiments teach immeasurably, so does the science itself. With every success or failure, science and technology introduce us to a newer world of infinite possibilities, giving a novel hope to humankind.   

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