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Gist of YOJANA : September 2021

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Published: 15th Sep, 2022

Gist of YOJANA : September 2021

This issue aims to celebrate women making a mark in their respective fields. Also, it highlights various issues they face in the society and workplace especially in the times of pandemic. Discussing the most basic matters related to hygiene and dignity in the form of menstruation helped us come to a point where it nowhere remains merely a ‘women-only subject, but it is more a human issue to be managed. Similarly, ensuring an environment of safety and security is a primary parameter for equal growth. Gender discrimination is unfortunately everywhere around us, especially in the unorganised sector. Be it in terms of lack of pay parity, biases against those women who might take maternity leaves in the future, or those infiltrating questions asked in interviews about the career breaks women might have to take to focus on childbirth, the list is endless. In such a scenario, what all needs to be done, as a society, to bring it to a level playing is a question the policymakers need to ponder upon. Those small nudges in the system and slight support wherever required can go a long way in creating an enabling environment for women to grow and prosper.  

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