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History of LWE Movement in India

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Published: 18th Oct, 2019

History of LWE Movement in India
  • The Naxalite movement began from the small village of Naxalbari situated at the tri-junction of India, Nepal and then East Pakistan (now Bangladesh), where in 1967, a group of tribals picked up arms against the oppression of the landlord.
  • However, initially, the movement was restricted only to the three police station areas of Naxalbari, Khoribari and Phasidewa in the Darjeeling district of West Bengal.
  • Later, over the decades that followed, the movement assumed alarming proportions, threatening peace and security over a vast stretch of land spread across 10 states, described as ‘Red Corridor’.
  • The Chinese Communist Party welcomed the formation of CPI-ML in India, as it encouraged it in other countries like UK, Albania and Sri Lanka, where it accorded recognition to Indian CPI-ML. Since then a steady rise in the communist movement drawing inspiration largely from the Maoist ideology was observed.
  • This party, due to its violent activities made its presence felt amongst other political parties. The rise of CPI-ML made the government conscious of the fact, that it was not only a law and order threat, but that its agenda was more sinister, challenging the very existence of the democratic structure of India.

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