India Year Book 2018 : Volume – I

GS Mains of India Year Book 2018 Volume 1

India Year Book 2018 provides a detailed overview about the country’s progress in different fields and analysis of programmes and policies launched by GOI related to them.

India year book holds the key of some 10-15 questions in the IAS Prelims Paper – 1.

But it is too bulky, detailed and complicated…which makes it difficult for an aspirant to read and grasp all the points.

Here we are providing the GIST of the India Year Book in two parts which covers the important chapters of the Book in point format. We have covered the data, programmes, policies, institutions, recent initiatives which are important from the point of view of Prelims General Studies Paper -1.

Hereby, providing the Volume – 1. Next part will be uploaded soon.

Index :

1.  National Symbols
2.  Agriculture
3.  Culture and Tourism
4.  Basic Economic Data
5.  Communications & Information Technology
6.  Defence
7.  Education
8.  Energy
9.  Environment
10.  Finance
11.  Corporate Affairs
12.  Miscellaneous Content from Different Chapters