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Indian Diaspora: Major Issues and Challenges

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Published: 2nd Nov, 2020

Indian Diaspora: Major Issues and Challenges
  • People leave their homeland, some to follow their dreams, some run from war and hunger and some lured by the sense of adventure.
  • On any case, leaving homeland and going abroad is a huge step and a life-changing experience. Migrants just don’t leave behind their possessions but also leave behind their friends, family, social circle and personal identity.
  • It is often conveyed that going abroad will improve one’s lifestyle and their significant others. Overseas life is mostly considered easy to settle and prosper without any hardships in India.
  • All luxury is invariably linked to those who have gone abroad. But this is far different from reality.
  • However, there is no doubt that countries like Canada and the US are considered as the land of opportunities with a lot of promise.
  • However, reality hits hard when a newcomer from India places a foot on foreign land. Language, education and common social behaviour that we took for granted are all up for recalibration.
  • An online database of emigrants and comprehensive, Missions, Recruiting Agents, Foreign Employers, Insurance Agencies to make the whole emigration process faster and transparent, that allows online authentication/verification of credentials of all the stakeholders.
  • Indian Government has signed MoU with six Gulf countries, Jordan and Malaysia. The major intent is to enhance bilateral cooperation and employment opportunities in the protection and welfare of workers.
  • Government has also started ‘Madad’ portal for online lodging of the grievances of the emigrants, which are attended to on priority basis.
  • The government recently amended the rules of the PIO Card Scheme so that new recipients of PIO cards will receive cards that will be valid for the duration of their life.
  • New Embassies in Latin America and African country to help the Diaspora.
  • Bilateral engagement with US, UK to address the concern of skilled labour.
  • Programmes like “Bharat Ko Janiye” to help the Indians living abroad learn about India and also an opportunity to visit India.
  • The Indian Diaspora is very varied and diverse and this rich diversity can help mutually both the countries, and hence a closer tie within is needed.
  • The “Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas” is an initiative started by the Government in 2003 to mark the contribution of the Indian community overseas in the development of India.

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