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Issues faced by Indian Diaspora

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    2nd Nov, 2020
  • West Asia
    • Low oil prices owing to Shale gas boom and slower global growth is resulting in job cuts for Indians.
    • One of the most direct threats to the security of Indians is the rising conflicts and instability due to the Shia-Sunni conflicts and the radical Islamism.
    • Fierce competition from skilled labour from the Philippines and cheap labour from Nepal.
    • Regressive and medieval policies like employer seizing the travel documents upon arrival known as “Kafala” labour system are exploitative.
  • US, Canada and UK
    • Discriminative practices owing to a racist, colonial mindset persists.
    • Stricter H-1B visa norms in the US Congress.
    • President-elect Donald Trump’s call to channel more jobs to Americans.
    • Revision of visa norms in UK post-Brexit might hit the Indian diaspora hard, especially the IT professionals.
    • The disparity in jobs and racial abuse due to terrorist branding.
    • Cultural integration due to various eating preferences, consumerism and nuclear society.

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