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Fact Files : Major Industries,Industrial Belt & Regions In India

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Published: 25th Mar, 2022

Fact Files : Major Industries,Industrial Belt & Regions In India

Geography plays a key role in UPSC Prelims examination due to the dynamic nature of questions and wide syllabus. About 8-9 questions are asked from Geography every year in UPSC Prelims Exam including Physical Geography, Human Geography and Economic Geography. A variety of questions have been asked from the major industrial regions, in the previous year's examinations. 

GS SCORE Prelims Sampoorna Fact File on Major Industrial Regions in India covers all the important major industries and industrial regions in India like Iron and Steel industry, automobile industry, chemical industries and many more. This fact file will be helpful in solving the factual questions based on this section of geography in UPSC CSE Prelims Examination.


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