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Published: 29th Jul, 2017

The National Institution for Transformation of India or NITI Aayog has been created to serve as the think tank of the Government of India. The Prime Minister of India serves as the Chair of the institution. The institution plays a leadership role in policymaking in the central government, works closely with state governments, serves as a knowledge hub and monitors progress in the implementation of policies and programmes of the Government of India. The institution provides the central and state governments with relevant strategic and technical advice across the spectrum on key policy elements. These include matters of national and international importance on the economic front, dissemination of best practices from within the country and from other nations, the infusion of new policy ideas and specific issue-based support. Hereby, providing the gist of NITI Aayog. It will help in analyzing its functioning in a better way. Index  1. About NITI Aayog 2. Offices attached to the NITI Aayog 3. Steps for establishing cooperative federalism 4. NITI AAYOG proposed Three Year Action Agenda 5. Critical analysis of NITI Aayog functioning

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