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UPSC Prelims Current Affairs 2020 Yearly Compilation - Science & Technology

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    11th Apr, 2020

UPSC IAS Prelims syllabus mentions GENERAL SCIENCE as the Topic in GS Paper 1. Although the Science Prelims syllabus looks simple but Questions from the past years tells that Syllabus includes BASIC SCIENCES like Physical, Chemical, Biological as well as TECHNOLOGY.  Every year UPSC asks 10 to 12 questions in the IAS Prelims Exam and the type of questions are current affairs oriented and analytical.

As there is always new innovation and developments in Science and Technology this subject is more dynamic. One of the best ways to prepare this section is to get acquainted with current developments with respect to all the domains.

IAS Prelims Science Syllabus can be classified as: Fundament Concepts and Facts of PHYSICS (Basic Laws and its Application in day to day life), CHEMISTRY (Elements and Rare Earths, Heavy Metals etc) and BIOLOGY (Diseases like H5N1, COVID-19 etc.)  DEFENCE TECHNOLOGY, SPACE TECHNOLOGY (Latest Missions and technologies), IT AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY, HEALTH AND BIOTECHNOLOGY, Latest ALTERNATIVE TECHNOLOGIES (Artificial intelligence and Facial Recognition), Current SCHEMES & INITIATIVES and MISCELLANEOUS ISSUES like Smart India Hackathon, International Days and Science Congress and Institutions.

GS SCORE’s UPSC Prelims Current Affairs 2020 Yearly COMPILATION for SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY presents very comprehensive consolidation of all the S&T current affairs Topics with much-needed CONCEPTS, FACTS and ANALYSIS in Short, Lucid and Structured language at one place so that you can revise all in less time. A thorough reading of this compilation will boost your score and give you the much-needed edge in the Current Affairs of IAS Prelims 2020 exam.


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