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Study Material for 2nd Arc Report Crisis Management

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    Gist Of 2nd ARC Report
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    8th May, 2017
Polity and Governance topic is mentioned in the GS MAINS PAPER 2, however its indepth knowledge is equally important for writing an Essay, Public Administration (Paper-2) and even in GS Mains Paper 4. The government reports and documents become the best source for its understanding but usually the government reports are too bulky to read and grasping the main points from that become a tough task. Thus we have come up with the series of GIST of SECOND ARC Reports. It covers the main points of the complete report in about 30-35 pages (maximum). These points can be quoted directly in the Mains answer. The series will cover the following reports: 1. Right to Information: Master Key to Good Governance 2. Crisis Management 3. Ethics in Governance 4. Public Order 5. Local Governance 6. Capacity Building for Conflict Resolution 7. Combating Terrorism - Protecting by Righteousness 8. Social Capital-A shared Destiny 9. Promoting eGovernance : The Smart Way Forward 10. Citizen Centric Administration 11. Organisational structure of Govt of India 12. Strengthening Financial Management Systems 13. State and District Administration 14. Refurbishing of Personnel Administration

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