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Thematic Current Affairs-29 Programme & Policies (Education)

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Categories: Thematic Current Affairs

Current affairs are the heartbeat of UPSC Prelims, providing the pulse of real-time events shaping the world. In the exam, questions frequently draw from recent developments, policies, and socio-economic trends, demanding a keen grasp of contemporary affairs. Questions related to education policies often show up in UPSC Prelims, testing candidates' understanding of how these policies shape the country's future, influence social welfare, and contribute to national development. Understanding these policies helps in addressing questions on governance, social challenges, and the role of education in nation-building, essential for success in the UPSC exam.

GS Score's Thematic Current Affairs on Programs & Policies in Education is a crucial resource for UPSC aspirants. It lists down recent reforms and initiatives in a crisp form, taken by the Government for shaping the educational landscape of the country.

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