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Thematic Current Affairs-36 Art & Culture (Indian Temple & Architecture Style)

  • Published
    5th Feb, 2024

In UPSC Prelims, the segment of Temples and their Architecture Style assumes great significance.

From the 1st century CE a new type of worship known as Bhakti spread across the Indian sub-continent, and the old Vedic gods. The worship required temples. The first Hindu temples were built from rock-cut caves and repeated the idea of relief panels and the decorative gavaska window form. Then, with the arrival of Gupta architecture in the 4th to 5th century CE, the first free-standing Hindu temples were constructed with features such as towers and projecting niches.

Thematic Current Affairs Art & Culture-6 (Indian Temple & Architecture Style) provides a quick compilation of temples and their architectural style, recently seen in the news. This document is smartly designed and contains relevant details on the domain, thus is of important help for UPSC aspirants.

How to use it? This document is categorized under different heads. You can separately add them with your notes or simply take a copy and start adding any new information or update the topics. With this, you can create easy and quick notes, that too theme-wise.


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