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UPSC Prelims 2022 Current Affairs Yearly Compilation -General Science, Human Health & Disease

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    5th Mar, 2022

General Science, Human Health & Disease section plays a crucial role in UPSC Preliminary Examination. An analysis of UPSC Previous Year’s Question Papers have shown that in past consecutive years around 8-10 questions have been asked in UPSC Preliminary Examination from this subject. One of the problems faced by UPSC CSE candidates is that, no one-stop solution or single and specific source, is available in the market to prepare this section comprehensively.

To fulfill this demand of millions of Aspirants, GS Score's Prelims Sampoorna Yearly Current affairs Compilation of General Science, Human Health & Disease is released. The compilation will be helpful to cover the important topics for UPSC Preliminary Examination including Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Health and more; Recent Researches and Developments in various fields with factual prelims pointers and concepts with a blend of Static and Dynamic content. All important news and discoveries and around 70+ topics with 150+ concepts are covered in this compilation. This release is holistic and complete in itself for the purpose of covering the entire syllabus of Science & Technology asked under the UPSC CSE.

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