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UPSC Prelims 2023 Current Affairs Yearly Compilation- Programme & Polices

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Published: 22nd Feb, 2023

UPSC Prelims 2023 Current Affairs Yearly Compilation- Programme & Polices

To fulfill its national and international commitments for the overall development of the country and its people, the government is tasked to take measures and initiatives. These programs, schemes, and initiatives are also focused on by UPSC for the point of view to check the general awareness of candidates about government steps. Every year multiple questions based on these initiatives are asked in the UPSC Prelims Examination and they are easy catch if you've read them even once.


In UPSC Civil Services Examination, especially Prelims, ‘Government Programmes & Policies’ are among the favourites, thus, they need special attention of aspirants. GS SCORE's Yearly Current Affair Compilation of Programme & Policies is comprehensively designed by covering all the relevant schemes and segregating them under different important heads. E.g-

  • Schemes related to Health
  • Schemes related to Women Welfare
  • Schemes related to Children and Elderly
  • Schemes related to Disable, Worker & Poor and many more…


The Compilation covers all the relevant points in an easy way to keep it effective and most importantly simple for the students. This compilation has covered around 70+ Programmes and Policies by all the Ministries and Departments of State Government as well as Central Government. The old, new, and revamped schemes, policies, indices, and portals have been given. The compilation contains the entire information in a concise and crisp pointer format.

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