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Various Methods used for counting Tigers

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Published: 14th Aug, 2019

Various Methods used for counting Tigers
  • Pug Mark Method: In this method, the foot print of the tiger is important. It is considered that each pug mark is unique in itself & by analyzing various foot prints in the areas of tigers, the number of tigers in that area can be counted.
  • Camera Trap: In this various method, cameras are installed in the tiger areas having night vision facility as well. By recording various tigers in the camera, the number of tigers can be estimated.
  • Poop/scat Method: In this method the number of tigers is counted by poop/scat. The poop is analyzed by DNA sampling and then we can arrive at a more accurate count.
  • Radio Collar Method: Tigers are captured in this method & are fitted with a radio collar. In this way the tigers can be counted.

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