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Published: 5th Sep, 2019

Way forward
  • India’s resonance towards digital technologies should now move from the corridors of the empowered society and provide substantive benefits to the common masses, thus demonstrate the power of technology.
  • Government should embrace changing landscape of technology and should ensure the state-of-the-art technology enables citizen centric services for the benefit of citizens, welfare of the society and for the socio-economic development of the country.
  • The Government should work on leveraging and integrating emerging technologies such as Block chain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Big Data Analytics with GIS to give further boost to developmental planning, foster citizen-centric service delivery and good governance.
  • The Government should encourage innovation in digital payments. There should be a push for increasing digital payments acceptance infrastructure. The entities in the digital payments space should be given freedom to enable merchants to accept digital payments in whatever way they deem fit-be it wallet, UPI or any other new innovation.
  • The Government should increasingly move beyond conventional aspects while formulating public policies. It should expand beyond traditional domains to include new areas, such as, privacy protection, disrupting software product development, IP creation and fostering quick adoption of digital technologies, leading to trust and enhanced customer experience.
  • The Government should focus on achieving the automation. Every step from acquiring data, its transformation into information and then into knowledge, development and management of a project, and the delivery of service should be meticulously designed and automated for faster processing.

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