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Ethics and Essay Test Series 2018

By Manoj k. Jha

(Classroom , Online & Flexi Format)

Programme Highlights

  • Total 11 Tests: 6 Tests for Ethics & 5 Tests for Essay
  • Detailed Discussion after every test
  • One-on-One discussion with Manoj K. Jha after copy evaluation
  • Model Answer Hint for every test
  • Flexi Module for Classroom & Online Students


  • Test Starts: 29th June, 2018
  • Number of Tests: 11
  • Test Timings: 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM
  • Test Discussion: 5:15 PM Onwards


Test Schedule

Test 1: Ethics Test-1 (29th June, 2018)

Ethics & Human Interface + Case Studies

  • Basic concept of ethics, morality and values
  • Determinants and consequences of Ethics in Human actions
  • Dimentions of ethics
  • Ethics in public life
  • Ethics in Economic Life
  • Nature of Morality
  • Individual Personality and Value
  • Values and skill
  • Freedom and Discipline
  • Duties and Rights
  • Holistic view of excellence
  • Affluence and Poverty Egoism
  • Utalitarianism
  • Demotological Ethics
  • Virtue Ethics
  • Case Studies on Various Topics

Test 2 : Essay Mock Test-1(6th July, 2018)

Test 3: Ethics Test-2 (13th July, 2018)

Human Value & Thinker + Case Studiess

  • Human value & Socialization
  • Democratic values
  • Professional values
  • Role of ethical value in Governance & Society
  • Significance of value in civil services
  • Lessons from the lives and teachings of great leaders, reformers and administrators
  • Role of family, Society and educational institutions in inculcating values
  • Value crisis in contemporary Indian society
  • Aesthetic values
  • Values in work life and professional ethics
  • Enlightened citizenship & democracy
  • Contributions of moral thinkers and philosophers from India and the world
  • Case Studies on Various Topics

Test 4: Essay Mock Test-2 (20th July, 2018)

Test 5: Ethics Test-3 (27th July, 2018)

Attitude & Emotional Intelligence + Case Studies

  • Attitude: content, structure, function
  • Understanding self and personality
  • Self-esteem
  • Personal goals
  • Eternal happiness
  • Self regulation and self control
  • Positive traits
  • Leadership and professionalism
  • Virtue and strength of character
  • Altruism and pro-social behavior
  • Moral and political attitudes
  • Social influence
  • Persuasion
  • Emotional intelligence - concepts, and utilities
  • Emotional skills
  • Consequences of high and low EQ
  • EQ and managing human resource
  • EQ and leadership behavior
  • Emotional intelligence in adminis-tration
  • Case Studies on Various Topics

Test 6: Essay Mock Test-3 (3rd August, 2018)

Test 7: Ethics Test-4 (10th August, 2018)

Ethics in Administrative + Fundamental values for Civil Service + Case Studies

  • Principle of public life and public standard
  • Ethics in administration
  • Foundational values for Civil Service
  • People first concept
  • Public Interest and Citizen Centric administration
  • Integrity, Impartiality and Non-partisanship
  • Dedication to public service
  • Empathy, tolerance and compassion towards the weaker-sections,
  • Ethical concerns and dilemmas in government and private institutions
  • Laws, rules, regulations and conscience as sources of ethical guidance
  • Codes of Ethics
  • Codes of Conduct
  • Case Studies on Various Topics

Test 8: Essay Mock Test-4 (17th August, 2018)

Test 9: Ethics Test-5 (24th August, 2018)

Probity in Governance + Case Studies

Ethical Governance

  • Probity in Governance
  • Philosophical basis of Governance and Probity
  • State of Public Service delivery in India
  • Information sharing and transparency in Government
  • Right to Information
  • Citizen's Charters
  • Work Culture


  • Corruption in India: extent, dimension, and response
  • Corruption a Social Evil
  • Probity in Public Life
  • Corrupt practice among civil servants and official misconduct
  • Exposing Corruption: Civil Society initiatives and role of Whistleblower Act
  • Tackling Corruption: role of Govern-ment and Institutions of Governance
  • Controlling Corruption: various approaches and efficacy

Corporate Governance

  • The economic man
  • Market and capitalism
  • Ethical choices in business
  • Corporate governance
  • Value in business management
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

Test 10: Essay Mock Test-5 (31st August, 2018)

Test 11: Ethics Full Mock Test (2nd September, 2018)

Procedure for Online Test

  • You will get a login id and a password to access your account on the website. Test will be available on the scheduled date in your account in pdf format.
  • To write the test you have to download the PDF and after writing the test send us scan copy at for evaluation.
  • Evaluated answer sheets with proper feedback, comment, and guidance along with the paper analysis based on difficulty level & nature of questions will be sent back to students by email within 15 days after receiving the answer sheet.
  • Detailed model answers' hint along with supplementary information on the topics asked in tests will be provided.
  • Evaluation will be based on micro-performance analysis of students.
  • Video session of the post-test discussion would also be provided along with the model answers' hint.

Online-Classroom Flexi Format

  • Flexible module for aspirants joining classroom test or online test.
  • Tests can be taken after the schedule date too.
  • Classroom students can write the test on every any day between 9:00 AM to 5:00 our centre after the scheduled date.
  • Discussion video access will be provided to them on the website.
  • Online students, if in Delhi, can write the test at our centre and attend the discussion session.
  • Integrated ranking can only be provided for the top 100 students among those, who take test on the schedule date.
  • Evaluated test paper will be given back within 15 days of receiving the test.
  • Toppers' softcopy will be provided in your account on our website.

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