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Online Fee

Rs. 5,000/- (+GST)

Offline Fee

Rs. 5,000/- (+GST)

Programme Highlights

  • Total 10 Tests
  • Total 9 Mock Tests on Essay
  • 3 Pre-Class for Essay Writing
  • 4 Mock Test post Prelims
  • Detailed Discussion after each Test
  • One on One discussion with Manoj K. Jha after copy evaluation
  • Model Answer Hints for every Test

Procedure for Online Test Series

Essay Test Series
  • To enroll student has to register on the website using Registration Form or Google Login or Facebook Login.
  • If already registerd login with your username and password which you have used for registration.
  • Account for Test Series will be activated within one working day of Enrollment or before batch Starts.
  • Student "My Account Section" for Test Series will contain following:
    1. pdf of test question paper
    2. pdf of model answer hint
    3. Test discussion video
    4. Toppers test copy of the particular test
    5. Rank list of the students appeared in the test
  • To write the test students have to download the PDF of test paper booklet or write the test in A4 sheet with proper spacing as per UPSC pattern. After writing the test send us back scanned copy in pdf format for evaluation.
  • Further evaluated test copy will be sent back to the students within 15 days after receiving the answer sheet.
  • Test discussion video will be uploaded into your account on the scheduled test date.
  • Once student will receive evaluated copy, one to one discussion with concerned faculty/experts will be arranged via phone call or live interaction.
  • Session Plan


    Essay is of 250 marks; despite its scoring potential, candidates leave it for last minute preparation. This programme includes both classes and test series for essay writing. Classes are designed to maximize your score in essay, as improvement is always incremental and it takes time to improve on weak areas.

    Improvement in essay writing is gradual. There is no defined syllabus of it. Rather it demands good understanding of subjects and ability to express in a certain way. We always try to focus on improving skills rather just delivering powerful lecture on particular topic. Advance Essay writing demand certain set of skills, that we ensure with every passing test. Detail class will be conducted before any test.

    Discussion is important as it gives prospect to understand other views and demand of the various natures of topics.  Every test will be followed by a discussion.

    The entire test is divided in three parts. First part is about skilling & crafting, second is about writing thematic essay & final part is full mock.

    All the copies will be corrected by the Faculty. Copy correction will be done within 10 Days.

    Discussion is key for improvement. After every test candidates can discuss their grey areas with Manoj K. Jha.

    Model essays and idea paper will be delivered after each test.

    Yes, candidate can write on flexible timings. For all discussions, video support will also be available.

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