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Ethics Class & Essay Writing

Programme Highlights

  • Most Comprehensive course of GS Paper 4
  • Classes to cover entire syllabus of Ethics Integrity & Aptitude and Case study
  • Total 13 Tests, including
    • 6 Unit Tests
    • 5 Case Study Tests
    • 2 Mock Test
  • 50 Case Studies covered
  • One on One Doubt Clearing Session with Manoj K. Jha
  • Comprehensive Study Material Ethics Workbook

Programme Overview

When Ethics was introduced for the first time in UPSC, two prominent trends emerged in the stream. One trend focused squarely on core technical substance of Ethics picking up materials from top Universities of world. And, another trend focused entirely on layman’s world of Ethics.

GS Score under guidance of Manoj K Jha chose the balanced path making a juxtaposition between the either extremes. We banked upon a customised course pedology maintaining a perfect blend of “multiples aspects and dimensions of Ethics”.

We draw immense sense of satisfaction that since the advent of Ethics, we have maintained domination among the aspirants. Every year, almost all the top gainers in Ethics have been part of GS SCORE. Analysis of UPSC Result 2019 has even elevated the status of Ethics to next level. It has been observed that Rankers have notched top Ranks only on basis on Ethics. Ethics now stands among three strong pillars including Optionals and Essay. 

Scoring high in Ethics is easy to say but difficult to execute. It demands a “basket strategy”, where different approach is required for different bits of syllabus. We at GS Score, with proved track record of years of result, are going to launch a complete comprehensive course on Ethics. The course is a complete package and one stop solution including comprehensive lectures, Mock Tests, Test discussions and doubt clearing sessions. With judicious investment of part of 38 days, you can secure a major share of Marks in Mains.

Procedure for Online Class

  • To enroll student has to register on the website using Registration Form or Google Login or Facebook Login.
  • If already registered login with your username and password which you have used for registration.
  • Account for Online Classes will be activated within one working day of Enrollment or before batch Starts.
  • Classes will be conducted online as per the class schedule.
  • Weekly Class Schedule will be uploaded into students account with session plan and doubt clearing sessions schedule.
  • Study Material is into two formats i.e. printed and pdf.
  • Printed Study Material, if any will be dispatched by courier within a week of enrollment.
  • Soft Copy notes will be uploaded in PDF format into your account.
  • Session Plan

    Unit: 01

    (Ethics & Human Interface)

    SESSION 1: Introduction Session

    SESSION 2: Essence of Ethics

    SESSION 3: Dimension of Ethics

    SESSION 4: Dimension of Ethics

    SESSION 5: Ethical Reasoning and Ethics in Practice

    SESSION 6: Test 1: Ethics & Human Interface

    SESSION 7: Test 2: Case Study

    Unit: 02

    (Human Values)

    SESSION 8: Human Values and Value System

    SESSION 9: Value Crisis and Moral Relativism. And Role of Social Institution

    SESSION 10: Test 3: Human Values

    SESSION 11: Role of Moral Thinkers and Administrators

    SESSION 12: Test 4: Case Study

    Unit: 03

    (Aptitude & Foundational Value for Civil Services)

    SESSION 13: Aptitude for Civil Services

    SESSION 14: Foundational Value for Civil Services

    SESSION 15: Bureaucracy in 21st Century

    SESSION 16: Test 5: Aptitude & Foundational Value for Civil Services

    SESSION 17: Test 6: Case Study

    Unit: 04

    (Emotional Intelligence)

    SESSION 18: Emotional Intelligence

    SESSION 19: Test 7: Emotional Intelligence

    Unit: 05

    (Applied Ethics)

    SESSION 20: Ethics in Politics and International Relation

    SESSION 21: Ethics in Economics and Conscious Capitalism

    Unit: 06

    (Ethics in Administration)

    SESSION 22: Ethics in Administration

    SESSION 23: Sources of Ethical Guidance + Ethical Dilemma

    SESSION 24: Test 8: Ethics in Administration

    SESSION 25: Test 9: Case Study

    Unit: 07


    SESSION 26: Attitude

    SESSION 27: Test 10: Case Study

    Unit: 08

    (Probity in Governance)

    PSESSION 28: Philosophical Basis of Governance

    SESSION 29: Probity in Ethics and Code of Ethics and Code of coduct

    SESSION 30: Quality of Service Delivery

    SESSION 31: Case Study Session

    SESSION 32: Applied Ethics and Contemporary Debates

    SESSION 33: 2nd ARC

    SESSION 34: 2nd ARC

    SESSION 35: Corruption

    SESSION 36: Test 11: Probity in Governance

    Mock Tests


    SESSION 37: Test 12: Full Mock Test - 1

    SESSION 38: Test 13: Full Mock Test - 2

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