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Online Fee

15,500/- (+GST)

Programme Highlights


  • Total 9 Tests
    • 5 Sectional Tests
    • 4 Full Mock Tests
  • All Sectional & Full Tests will be as per UPSC pattern.
  • Each test will be of 250 marks
  • Detailed Discussion after Tests
  • One on one discussion with Faculty
  • No other practice and test required after this comprehensive test as such test design to instil enough confidence and capacity to handle 250 marks game easily before examination .

Essay Writing

  • Total 15 Sessions including 6 Approach Class & 9 Tests
  • Test Discussion and Model Essay for every Test
  • One on One Discussion after copy evaluation with Manoj K. Jha
  • 20 Topics as Practice Workbook with Model Hints for Post Prelims Practice

Ethics Test Series

  • Total 9 Tests

Fee: 10,000/- (+GST)

Essay Writing

  • Total 15 Sessions including 6 Approach Class and 9 Tests.

Fee: 9,000/- (+GST)

Ethics & Essay Test Series

  • Ethics - Total 9 Tests
  • Essay - Total 15 Sessions including 6 Approach Class and 9 Tests.

Fee: 15,500/- (+GST)

Program Approach

About The Course

Ethics and Essay are such areas in UPSC Exam that can be your saviour and improve your marks significantly if worked efficiently. However lack of practice and rudimentary approach may also reduce your marks and jeopardize your chances of selection in Civil Services Exam. Ethics and Essay test series help you to improvise in these areas through regular practice and time bound approach of syllabus. This test series has evolved as a perfect blend of “multiples aspects and dimensions of Ethics and essay. A well-developed approach and rigorous practice can significantly enhance your score in ethics and essay.

There are Total 9 Tests in Ethics which comprise of 5 Sectional Tests and 4 Full Mock Tests while essay portion consists of Total 15 Sessions including 6 Approach Class & 9 Tests. All Sectional and full tests will be as per IAS Exam pattern. Detailed Discussion after Tests, One on one discussion with Faculty are exclusive features of this test series. No other practice and test required after this comprehensive test as this test series will instil enough confidence for UPSC exam.


  • Provision of Approach and Model Answer Hints will be provided after every Test.
  • Post Test Discussion Classes are designed in such a way that they can provide Value Addition on the other related topics of the respective Test. It also includes Answer Writing Approach for every Paper.
  • Expert evaluation of the copies within 10 days of copy submission and One on One Discussion with respective Faculty after Copy Evaluation for improvement.
  • Copy Evaluation and Feedback system has been designed to provide Relevant Insights and Feedback to each candidate as per his/her Performance.
  • Study Plan will be provided for each subject which will include –Schema (Detailed Syllabus), Self-Assessment Test, Value Added Material and Reflective Exercise.
  • Study material of 500+ contemporary issues will be provided at the time of mains exam for revision.
  • Ethics case study workbook and Essay writing workbook will be provided for additional practice.

Online Procedure

Ethics & Essay Test Series
  • Tests will be uploaded in PDF format in your account.
  • To write the test students have to download the PDF of test paper booklet or write the test in A4 sheet with proper spacing as per UPSC pattern. After writing the test send us back scanned copy in pdf format for evaluation.
  • Further evaluated test copy will be sent back to the students within 15 days after receiving the answer sheet.
  • Test discussion video will be uploaded into your account on the scheduled test date.
  • Once student will receive evaluated copy, one to one discussion with concerned faculty/experts will be arranged via phone call or live interaction.



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