What's New :
IAS Foundation 2023-24, Batch Starts: 27th July

IAS 2023: Ethics Integrity and Aptitude

Batch starts 01st-Aug-2022

IAS Foundation 2023-24

Batch starts 27th-Jul-2022

Mains Test Series 2023: Essay Writing

Batch starts 22nd-Jul-2022

GS Mains Classes 2023 (Basic to Advance)

Batch starts 20th-Jul-2022

IAS 2022: GS Mains Q - Course

Batch starts 04th-Jul-2022

IAS 2022: Master Class on Writting Philosophical Essay

Batch starts 30th-Jun-2022

IAS 2022: Ethics Master Class

Batch starts 30th-Jun-2022

IAS Foundation: Pathways - 2 Years Course

Batch starts 27th-Jun-2022

IAS 2022: Prelims Sampoorna Current Affairs Classes

Batch starts 12th-Apr-2022

IAS 2023: GS Paper-2

Batch starts 29th-Mar-2022

IAS 2023: GS Paper-3

Batch starts 28th-Mar-2022

IAS 2022: Target PT

Batch starts 09th-Mar-2022

GS Analyst (Current Affairs)

Batch starts 19th-Feb-2022

IAS 2022/23: CSAT Classes


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