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IAS Mains 2024: Complete (GS & Optional) Syllabus Revision & Updation. Get Details

Batch Started: 15th June

Class Timing : 02:00 PM to 05:00 PM

IAS Mains Classes 2023: GS Mains QIP


  • 300+ Contemporary Issues of GS Paper 3, 2 & 1.
  • 120+ hrs. program for IAS Mains 2023.
  • Answer Writing session after every topic.
  • Updation & Quick Revision of Core area of GS Mains.
  • Short & Crisp Study Material.
  • 2 Ethics Case Study Session.

Note: Study Material will be supplementary to the Class Session.  

GS Mains QIP

Fee: 15,000/- (+GST)

GS Mains QIP + Test Series #Programme-1 (17 Tests)

(9 Sectional, 4 Mock, 2 Essay & 2 Case Study Tests)

Fee: 15,000/- (+GST)

With GS Mains Test Series Fee: 22,000/- (+GST)

GS Mains QIP + Test Series #Programme-2 (13 Tests)

(9 Sectional & 4 Mock)

Fee: 12,000/- (+GST)

With GS Mains Test Series Fee: 19,000/- (+GST)

GS Mains QIP + Test Series #Programme-3 (12 Tests)

(8 Mock, 2 Essay & 2 Case Study Tests)

Fee: 10,000/- (+GST)

With GS Mains Test Series Fee: 17,000/- (+GST)

Course Fee

₹ 15000/-

course Fee

₹ 15000

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This is a complete value addition program for GS Mains 2023. It will cover last two years contemporary issues and key topics of GS Mains Paper III, II, I. Apart from the key topics that are directly mentioned in the UPSC syllabus, many sub-topics that lies in the periphery of such topics will also be covered in contemporary context. i.e.

  • Contemporary issues of last 2 years.
  • Contemporary political development.
  • Key issues and agenda of new government.
  • Vital development in World Affairs.
  • Issues related to Economic development and related current affairs, agriculture, resources and infrastructure, industries; etc.
  • Economic Survey & Analysis.
  • Important development in various fields.
  • Key environmental concerns and management.
  • Coverage of Previous Year Questions and Approach Discussion.

The topics mentioned in the syllabus are generally broader in nature which covers many inter-linked dimensions. This course has been designed to help students in developing an integrated approach.

Hard copy of Comprehensive study material designed especially for quick revision will be provided. The study material will also cover the topics from Newspapers, Yojana, Kurukshetra, India Year Book, Government Reports, etc. It will cover contemporary topics from the past two years

After prelims there is always shortage of time. It is a comprehensive programme which will run for 4.5 weeks only. For complete and powerful delivery, course has been designed such where classroom teaching is supplemented with concise study material. In this way we will be able to deliver huge pool of content in a stipulated time.

Answer writing sessions will be held at equal intervals to teach candidates the art of writing a good answer. Answer writing session will be held after each topic.

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