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UPSC Mains: Modern History Previous Year Questions

Modern History is of utmost importance for GS paper 1. It is a very wide subject and therefore a candidate must have a thorough understanding various events and role of various personalities. Study of previous year questions give an overview of the trend in questions and the expectations of UPSC. GS SCORE thus brings to you detailed analysis and explanation of previous year modern history questions from 2015-2021. This will enable you to get your concepts clear and give a better direction to your preparation.

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Course Fee
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₹ 1000

Course Fee
(Including GST)

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Program Highlights

Modern History

  • 1 Session for Trend Analysis 
  • 7 Session for Theme Discussion
  • 22 Previous Year Questions Discussion

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The module includes following components to give you a holistic coverage of the PYQs:

  • Trend analysis & Approach: This includes video discussion on trends of questions asked from 2015-2021 by UPSC along with detailed approach to the subject.
  • Themes Discussion: To demarcate the important areas, the entire syllabus has divided into various themes. In Depth video discussion will be provided on each theme.
  • Model Answers: For each PYQ Model Approach and Model Hints shall be provided.
  • Answer Discussion: For each PYQ answer discussion will be available focusing on concepts explanation approach to the answer.
  • Probable questions: At the end of the each answer discussion videos we will also provide probable question and dimensions from the same topic to enhance your outlook towards the topic.

Note:  Validity of the course will be till 2025 with updated sessions of 2022 and 2023 Mains question discussion.

Sample Question, Model Answer & Discussion Video



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