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ITS - Integrated (Prelims+Mains) Test Series & Mentorship for UPSC 2025

  • Mode: Offline & Online
  • Test Starts: 18th June
  • Timing : 9:00 AM Onwards
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In a highly competitive landscape, the UPSC Integrated Prelims and Mains Test Series is a compass for navigating the challenging UPSC exam.

ITS is a course that aims to maximize the chances of securing a coveted position in the civil services. To plan their preparation strategy and progressively move ahead simultaneously for Prelims and Mains Exam. The course integrates aspirant’s preparation with provision of assessment based learning modules including Detailed Study Planner, Concept Classes, simultaneous Prelims and Mains tests and Personal Mentoring.

Course Features

Integrated Preparation

It is a specially designed Integrated Test Series that synchronize the syllabus of both Prelims and Mains.

Concept Building

Informative Classes on all subjects to enhance the understanding and conceptual clarity of subjects.

Prelims and Mains Tests

Assessment based learning modules comprising 96 Tests (45 Prelims & 51 Mains Tests)

Personalised Mentorship

Tailored guidance and feedback along with strategy for improvement.

Study Material

Value Addition Notes on Contemporary Issues, PYQs and Worksheets.

Outcomes of the Course

Optimize learning for both Preliminary and Mains examination, ensuring efficient utilization of time and resources for tangible outcomes.

Develop deep understanding of core concepts across all subjects, enabling you to tackle complex questions with clarity and precision.

Implement gradual assessment mechanisms to track progress and facilitate continuous enhancement.

Learn to craft and articulate well-structured responses essential for excelling in the exam.

Employ effective strategies to consolidate learning and retain information efficiently.

Dedicate efforts towards consistently improving performance thereby maximizing potential for success in exam.

Aligned with current affairs and the dynamic portion of the syllabus, ensuring your preparation remains relevant and up-to-date.

Course Delivery

1. Conceptual Building
  • Detailed subject-wise study targets and planners are provided, including micro-listing of topics. This aids in tracking the coverage of the entire syllabus.
  • Dedicated sessions to understand and practice key skills of answer writing, essential for effective exam performance.
  • Over 60 in-depth concept classes (120+ hours) focusing on conceptual building across relevant topics. These sessions orient students with the subject matter and its nuanced applications.
  • Pre-revision classes (20+ hours) are conducted before comprehensive revision tests for Prelims and Mains. Prior to exams, Recall Sessions will be held to facilitate faster revision through reflective questioning.
2. Prelims Tests (45)
  • 20 Topical Tests (50 MCQs)
  • 11 Subject Revision Tests (100 MCQs)
  • 5 Current Affairs Tests (100 MCQs)
  • 3 CSAT Sectional Tests (50 MCQs)
  • 6 Mock Tests (UPCS Pattern)
3. Mains Tests (51)
  • 34 Topical Tests (10 Qs.)
  • 9 Sectional Revision Tests (20 Qs.)
  • 8 Mock Tests (20 Qs.)
4. Discussion Classes (100+ hours)
  • Each test will be followed by test discussion by the concerned faculty.
  • Discussion Classes are designed in such a way that they will help in concept building and Value Addition on other related topics of the respective Test.
  • It is an ultimate approach to cover complete revision.
5. Personalised Mentorship
  • Mentorship sessions with respective faculty are conducted before test and post-copy evaluation.
  • These sessions provide tailored insights and feedback to each candidate based on their performance, fostering personalized growth and development.
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    ₹ 32,500/-


  • Offline Fee

    ₹ 32,500/-


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