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GS Mains Classes 2024, Morning Batch Starts: 12th June & Evening Batch Starts: 15th June

Practice is the only way that can get you through the Civil Services Exam and the best way to practice is none other than a Test Series. Time and again, GS SCORE’s Prelims and Mains test series has proved its mark by being regarded as the best test series in the market by many UPSC Toppers and other civil services aspirants. Our specially designed test series helps you cover the complete syllabus in a phased manner along with regular and consistent practice and unlimited mentorships that a student requires to clear this exam. Different types of test series for Mains and Prelims are designed as per each student’s phase and level of preparation in the exam.

Batch starts: 10 June, 2023

Mains 2023: Mains Mentorship Programme (MMP)

Batch starts: 12 June, 2023

ITS 2024 - 1 Year Integrated Test Series (Prelims and Mains)

Batch starts: 24 June, 2023

Mains Test Series 2024: GS Mains Q&A

Batch starts: 18 June, 2023

Mains Test Series 2023: Ethics & Essay Test Series

Batch starts: 10 June, 2023

Mains Test Series 2023: GS Mains Test series

Batch starts: 05 May, 2023

ITS 2025 - 2 Years Integrated Test Series (Pre Cum Mains)

Batch starts: 13 April, 2023

IAS 2023: Prelims Test Series

NCERT Revision Test Series


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