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Role of PYQs in acing UPSC Mains Examination

As we know that the UPSC prelims examination is over and it’s time to gear up for the next battle which is UPSC Mains Examination. This stage of the selection process is most crucial and in fact the deciding factor whether you will get the service of your choice and for that matter whether you will make it to the list or not.

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How to cover Important Organization and movements of modern India for UPSC Examination?

One of the important aspect of the Modern History preparation for Civil services examination is the coverage of Important Organization and movements of modern India of Paper 1 of GS Mains Syllabus. Every year, majority of the questions are asked from important organisation and movement of Modern India, both in prelims and mains stage of Civil services examination.

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UPSC Law Optional Preparation Strategy

Since last few years there has been a rise in the popularity for Law optional among civil services aspirants in UPSC mains Exam. The factor behind this surge in choosing this optional is the good success rate in comparison to other optional subjects. The subject has a  good success rate of about 15 – 20% in the IAS exam. On an average, between 200 and 250 candidates take up the law optional in the UPSC mains exam.

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How To Write Introduction for an Essay In IAS Exam

While writing, we introduce our thoughts on the particular theme or topic in the Introduction. It also helps in setting the context for the essay in which we analyze the dimensions critically and write them using supportive arguments. An interesting introduction attracts the reader, engages them, and brings a curiosity to read it further.

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How To Spot Errors In Essay Writing For IAS Exam

Students often stumbles upon a single question How to write a good answer in Mains exam that is error free and presentable too. The question bear more semblance Million dollar question! Especially in the given scenario when good marks in IAS Mains Exam is distant dream. Mains examination questions of general studies unfolded many thing, about word limit, approach to the questions, analytical demand of the question, and many turn and twist attached to most of the question in the form of common instructions i.e. Analyse, Critically analyse, discuss, evaluate, explain etc. these are called directives of questions.

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Why Brainstorming is Crucial Before Writing an Essay

There is a compulsory Essay Paper in the UPSC Civil Services Main Exam. It carries 250 marks out of the total 1750 in written exam or UPSC Main ExamEssay paper plays a crucial role in determining the final selection and rank of the candidate. The essay paper tests the personality of the individual and how he approaches any topic. The Essay Topics are very dynamic in orientation. One can write a good essay only when he can comprehend the idea of the topic.

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How To Write The Conclusion for Essay in Civil Services Exam

The conclusion of the essay in UPSC Civil Services Exam is very important because it will help to create a long-lasting impact on the invigilator in IAS Mains Exam. While writing conclusion in an Essay, the candidate needs to take a stand and be future oriented . It is important to note here that the candidates should suggest a concrete and pragmatic solution to the issue in the conclusion of Essay in UPSC Exam.

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Do’s and Don'ts for Essay Writing In Civil Services Exam

There are certain things that need to be taken care of before writing an essay in UPSC Mains Exam. People often commit silly mistakes while writing essay in IAS Mains Exam. So one need to follow certain cautious approach Before writing any piece of work, we ensure to give a basic framework to writing for making it effective and coherent. For this purpose, it is necessary to understand that what should be included and what to leave while writing.

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How Dimensions Are Identified In Essay Writing

Essay writing in Civil Services Exam is of 250 marks and has a lot of potential for qualifying the final exam. Despite its scoring potential in IAS Mains Exam, candidates leave Essay writing for last minute preparation. Since improvement in Essay Writing is gradual.

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How To Write Context of Essay in UPSC IAS Mains Exam?

Essays in UPSC Civil Services Exam are usually written for an intelligent but uninformed audience, so it is important that essay writing need to begin with some context. A good context in an essay can help you to fetch good marks in IAS Mains Exam.

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How To Write A Good Argumentative Essay

Writing a splendid essay in Civil Services Exam is a herculean task as only a unique and exclusive content woven around an idea could result in a outstanding essay. It is mandatory to write an exclusive content for fetching more marks in Essay. Building of arguments in Essay is also a prerequisite for writing a good essay in IAS Mains Exam

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The Importance of Essay In UPSC Civil Services Exam

WRITING ability is a fine combination of skill and art; but essay writing for Civil Services Examination requires something more. It requires a mastery over current facts and information backed by skill to write precisely and cogently for three long hours. Perhaps, the UPSC essay writing wants to ensure amongst the selected candidates writing skills as well. For this reason, Essay writing Paper was reintroduced in 1993.


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