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How To Write Introduction for an Essay In IAS Exam

During our first meeting and introducing ourselves to any stranger, we initially get to know only a few things about each other. These small fractions of information are that significant part of a conversation that makes us decide to continue talking or listing the person or not. In case, we are not impressed by the introduction, we tend to show a lack of interest and discontinue the talks. On the other hand, an introduction, which is different or unique or subtle in a way of presentation, intrigues to know more and more; and our conversations get stretched.  The same is the case with Essay writing or any piece of writings. While writing, we introduce our thoughts on the particular theme or topic in the Introduction. It also helps in setting the context for the essay in which we analyze the dimensions critically and write them using supportive arguments. An interesting introduction attracts the reader, engages them, and brings a curiosity to read it further. 

The essay has a vital role in UPSC Exam. Though Essay is considered as a grey area in the UPSC exam and securing marks in the essay is a tough nut to crack. But with a steady approach and the right strategy, the marks could be improved gradually. There is a great role of Introduction in the structuring of essays in the Civil Services Exam. The purpose of the introduction in an essay writing is to let the reader know about the topic, the context of the topic, and the stand taken through the topic. In other words, the introduction of the Essay contains the conclusion in itself. The introduction clearly shows whether you support the main sentence of the essay or disagree with it. The rest of the essay provides support to the context you set with the help of arguments and examples.

A good introduction to the essay can be a brief explanation of the essay topic itself. It can be made further interesting by adding to it some personal experience, or some relevant anecdotes or quotes. The introduction should not be confusing or lacking in clarity, rather it should be able to immediately clear up any doubts regarding the topic if there is any.

For instance lets understand with this picture

Ways to start Introduction

Introduction can be started in several ways such as:

  1. It can be started with a quote.
  2. It can be started through an anecdote.
  3. It can be started by focusing on the keywords given in the topics.
  4. It can be started with any current event in news.

Once, the introduction has started by any of the above-mentioned methods, it is supported by some facts or data or analysis, etc.

While talking about starting an introduction with a quote, we take any of the quotes related to the topic and start the essay by either talking about the topic or by making it the base of the introduction.

In case of starting the introduction with the help of anecdote, you may quote any short story based on your own experience or related to any famous person or any other moral or hypothetical situation.

In the third case, when we start the introduction with the help of keywords, it means that we start explaining the keywords given in the topic and surround the conversation these keywords and further move towards the essay.

In the fourth case, we start the introduction by quoting any current event related to the topic. These are the four most convenient and established ways to start the essay. Apart from the above-mentioned methods, it may be started with any other methods that you may find comfortable and innovative.

For understanding the structuring of an Essay the following video of IAS topper Pooja Ranawat (AIR 258, CSE 2017) could be of great help:



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