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How To Write The Conclusion for Essay in Civil Services Exam

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The conclusion of the essay in UPSC Civil Services Exam is very important because it will help to create a long-lasting impact on the invigilator in IAS Mains Exam. While writing conclusion in an Essay, the candidate needs to take a stand and be future oriented. It is important to note here that the candidates should suggest a concrete and pragmatic solution to the issue in the conclusion of Essay in UPSC Exam.

The candidate can take the stand in consonance with the government’s official stand while concluding the essay. Apart from this the candidates can give examples of other countries as well essay conclusion. Conclusion of essay should be accompanied with the quotes of famous personalities that can create a long lasting impact on readers.

A conclusion provides closure to essay and demonstrate the main points of your essay one last time. This gives chance to impress the readers and to show that why and how you your thoughts matters. Your essay should give the reader a sense of completion and conclusion plays an important part in this by giving something to reader to think. Ending essay or any writing on a positive not would be a good sign and makes it more impactful.

Avoid introducing new ideas through conclusion instead it must be used to sum up your essay writing. The main aim is to restate the context, summarize the body of the essay and leave the readers with way forwards and questions to think further.

The conclusion need not be too long. In Fact, it can be summed up in a single sentence. A good conclusion is not merely a repetition of the statements of main topic statement of the essay, or context sentence of the introduction. Nevertheless, it represents a kind of a summary of the main arguments or proposition of the essay.

It is also a good idea to include a comment on the results of your conclusion. You may give ways forward and suggest the implications of your recommendation. We may understand, it with the help of few examples.

Steps to conclude an essay:

  • Restating the topic by making the same stance with using other words or paraphrasing.
  • Summarize the dimensions and arguments that you have made to set the context for the essay.
  • Make a back linkage with the essay introduction and paragraphs, with the closing sentence.
  • Suggest way forward or leave the essay by putting some brainstorming points.

Examples to understand Conclusion writing

Therefore it is important to put a limit on the amount of television that children watch, otherwise they may suffer educationally and socially as they grow up.


Therefore, children’s television viewing should be sensibly supervised to allow them to enjoy certain programs as well as to develop the skills that they need.

In some cases a conclusion may consider possible future outcomes or ways forward. For example:

The Internet has already become widespread and almost indispensable, and it can be expected that in future access will become cheaper and easier for everyone in the world


Although atomic energy can never run out, unlike fossil fuels, it is clear that other, less dangerous sources of energy will need to be developed in future generations.

To understand the structuring and significance of conclusion in essay the following video of IAS Topper Ankur Kaushik (AIR 37, CSE 2018) could be quite useful:


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