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Mastering Essay-A safe route to Selection

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The selection process for the Civil Services Examination is considered to be one of the most difficult and apt for recruiting bureaucrats in and around the world. For acing this selection process it’s important that the aspirant has a well-crafted strategy. One such safe haven is ‘Mastering Essay’.

Importance Of Mastering Essay 

This paper gives you an opportunity to score as high as 150 marks which is a struggle in any other GS Paper. Essay paper provides you with a wide spectrum to showcase your thoughts and personality. The mark sheet of selected candidates validates the above-stated strand of statement. When we analyze the mark sheet of selected candidates we find one common thing across the board and that is their high scores in Essays. The essay doesn’t have any particular catalogue to prepare from. This paper provides wings to your imagination and pushes your creativity of seeing things in perspective.

There is this perception among students that Essays can be tackled on the day of the exam and many falter due to this notion. It’s true that you can’t mug up essays but what you can do is acquire skills to write a decent essay. Essay Writing is not only about information but it’s about your presentation and articulation. One should be aware of what UPSC demands from you in the Essay paper.

 After talking to some toppers here are a few pointers that you need to indulge in your study to address the questions:

  •  To Analyze Critical-Thinking Skills

Critical thinking is a must for an administration to think about subjects critically before executing them. The essay paper helps to analyze the critical thinking skills of a candidate, which helps to develop their analytical skills for organizing ideas and expressing more logically. This is helpful for administrators to come up with some new ideas for work. It can also help them to grow as creative and public relations professionals. It helps to start thinking in a better and smarter way for handling problems.

  • Analyzing the Execution of Engaging Ideas

administrators are public figures, who have to engage with the public, executors and legislatures for work on a daily basis. The exchange of ideas in a clear way is a prerequisite for execution and communication. An essay acts as a clear expression of delivering a personal opinion to engage a reader, and create an uninterrupted flow of facts and ideas.

  • To judge Persuasive Skills with Rationality

For policy formulation and implementation of plans, administrators are required to have persuasive skills for convincing about the rational implications. Essays help to show the persuasive skills of the candidate to convince readers by using solid facts and statements. 

  • To Analyze Communication Skills

Administrators are the major executors of government policies and plans. They are required to have good communication skills to engage with seniors and subordinates equally. The essay depicts the effective communication skills of candidates by engaging the reader by using statistics, and citations to capture the attention. These skills show how apt an aspirant is to communicate and forward ideas. This means that an aspirant will be an effective speaker and will be able to express opinions effectively that they are likely to be taken into account.

  • To Analyze the Comprehensive understanding

An essay is a complete piece of work that gives a comprehensive picture of a topic. It pushes students to assess different arguments so that they can come up with stronger positions. Essay writing helps in observing different perspectives and views of candidates regarding a topic. An essay portrays the comprehension of materials. Knowledge of documents about different aspects of topics is shown through the arguments and examples.

  • To examine Precise thinking

An administrator has to be very precise as he/she has to be multi-tasking and handle a number of tasks together with minute detailing. Writing essays correctly shows how an aspirant is a precise thinker.


One shouldn’t be scared of these listed points because these are skills which can be acquired. With constant practice, one can add value to their essays and reach from concepts to questions. There are various institutes which provide guidance in this field.GS Score does a pretty good job in this domain. It prepares you to face the bouncers thrown at you in the examination. We focus on developing your skills along with making you aware of the mechanics of answer writing. Our diverse set of worksheets will make your self-study smooth so that you bleed less in the examination and your chances of achieving your dream amplify.

Master Your Essay Writing-A safe route to Selection with #ConceptToQuestion, Check our GS Mains Course for more input and to crack Mains 2023 by a concoction of your self-study and our thinking line.

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