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How does the micro syllabus make you ready for the UPSC CSE?

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Categories: Prelims, Published: 10th Jun, 2022

The journey toward success in the prestigious UPSC Civil Services Examination and becoming an officer starts with the right approach and understanding of the demands of the exam. The first and foremost strategy in this long journey is having a comprehensive understanding of the Syllabus to a micro level. Always sticking to the UPSC syllabus is one of the success mantras of becoming an officer and all IAS exam toppers swear by it. With the point of view of importance of UPSC syllabus it becomes quite important to understand it thoroughly. While going through the UPSC syllabus, we find that the topics are just introduced but not discussed in detail and UPSC asks questions from every possible aspect of the topics. So to understand these every possible dimension, understanding micro-detailing of the syllabus is very crucial.

The micro detailing guides aspirants to cover the topics comprehensively with the perspective of UPSC Examination. It has been observed that questions have directly been asked from the topics and subtopics of these micro detailings. For example, the utility of this crucial UPSC Syllabus-Micro topic detailing was confirmed when more than 80 questions in UPSC CSE Prelims 2022 and around 50% of questions in Mains 2021 were directly linked to the GS Score Test Series and Current Affairs articles.

What distinguishes successful candidates from other aspirants are not extraordinary skills but knowing what to do and when. Many students fail to look in-depth into the UPSC syllabus. A thorough reading and abstract understanding of it isn't enough to crack the most challenging examination in the country. One needs to be mindful about reading between the lines and identify the implicit aspects through micro detailing. The effective utilization of the syllabus can make or break the chances for a candidate to get selected. Everything that a candidate prepares through- newspaper, study material, internet blogs/articles, magazines, classes etc. should be mapped to the syllabus and dimensions.

How Micro detailing helped us in helping you?

Different stages of the IAS Examination have different syllabus. They check the diverse qualities and aspects of an aspirant to extract the créme de la créme from them for the prestigious services.

The Preliminary Examination is the first phase in the UPSC IAS Examination, which tests the general awareness, critical thinking, and logical abilities of an IAS aspirant. The objective-type questions are made to eliminate the maximum number of candidates. To clear this phase, IAS aspirants require a proper strategy, conceptual clarity, and regular revision. Thus, the IAS prelims syllabus becomes very important to strategies according to individual strengths and weaknesses.

The Mains Examination of the UPSC Civil Service Examinations (CSE) is much more complex and challenging. It tests the knowledge and intellectual traits, conceptual clarity, and understanding of fundamental concepts, coherency, and preciseness with clarity of expression.

The IAS prelims and Main examination syllabus provided by UPSC is a blueprint that nudges candidates in the right direction. However, it might be a bit complex to understand as it only provides broad topics and there are many hidden aspects to it.

GS SCORE sets prelims and mains test series questions and prepares fact files, and current affairs magazines by keeping this micro-listing of the syllabus at the center. We follow an exhaustive process to bring you the quality questions and answers that meet the UPSC standards:

  • We follow the major trends and themes of the past few years and link its micro-detailed syllabus to the events that are in news for the past one and a half years.
  • Then, we do a listing of various dimensions of micro-topic on which questions to be developed – for instance, conceptual, factual, or a mixture of both.
  • The questions are then developed by mixing conceptual information and current events associated with the topic. Diversity is maintained to make sure that all the crucial topics are well covered.
  • A rigorous four step review of questions and solutions is done to maintain the quality and meet the standards of the UPSC exam.

Micro-detailing of Prelims, Mains, and Contemporary topics makes the task a little easy for the candidates as well as us. The micro syllabus allows to bring down the preparation level to an adequate ground and bring a holistic understanding of questions, tests, notes, explanation, coverage, deficiency etc. In this manner, the candidates can bring organization and order to their preparation and to finish their preparation with a better comprehension of the UPSC Prelims and Mains Syllabus.

We ensure that students do not overlook any important topics and have some understanding of curved ball questions that UPSC throws every year to check the aptitude of the aspirants. All these comprehensively cover the requirements of the UPSC exam. Our approach at GS Score is not to leave anything to chance and give candidates extensive coverage of all essential topics to make their preparation smooth and holistic.

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