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Importance of Covering Congress Sessions from UPSC point of view

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    18th Dec, 2021

Aspirants preparing for Civil services Examination find it difficult in preparing History Subject as history is static subject which makes it difficult in terms of understanding the Chronology and linking the topics of History to develop thinking pattern of the subject matter. In history, preparation of congress sessions related questions is important from UPSC point of view.

Aspirants should look to give adequate time to Congress sessions section for History preparation. Majority of the questions in history portion are asked from portions like; important organisations, important events and congress sessions.

The Indian National Congress has played a very crucial role in making India free from the Tyranny of British imperialism.  Every year 2-3 questions come in UPSC and State PSC preliminary examinations from this section. In this Article, GS SCORE provides minute details of covering the Congress Sessions in very lucid manner.

Understand Syllabus Of History:

  • Aspirants are advised to understand the syllabus of history as their first priority. Syllabus plays a very important role as far as preparation of any subject and any examination. Syllabus is like guiding tool that define the aspirants way forward approach and how and what they need to cover as far as history syllabus is concerned.

Make Notes:

  • Aspirants should look to make notes on daily basis and these notes should be updated from time to time. As far as preparation of important organisation is concerned, it would be advisable to aspirants that they go for writing their notes in such a way that they can revise it from time to time.

 Congress Session



1. 1885


  • Bombay
  • First session held of congress session with appointment of Speaker: W.C. Banerjee

2. 1905

  • Benaras
  • Acceptance of Swadeshi movement against British Regime


3. 1931

  • Karachi
  • Resolutions on Fundamental Rights and National Economic Programme
  • Endorsement of Gandhi-Irwin pact
  • Gandhi nominated to represent INC in the Second Round Table Conference to be held in London

Analyse Previous Year Question Paper:

  • Analysing previous year question is very much important as analysis of previous year question paper will help aspirants in having familiarity with the pattern of asking questions so that they can prepare their own plan of action to tackle questions related to this segment.
  • Aspirants should try to develop their thinking pattern while analysing the previous year question paper. Analysis of the previous year question papers will help in building their foundational approach related to History Subject.

Keep Track of Current Affairs:

  • It is highly advisable to aspirants that, they should keep track of the current issues related to Congress sessions. If any questions is in the news related to Congress sessions then, it is aspirant’s duty that they should read static portion of the current news also.
  • Every year majority of the questions asked by UPSC is directly or indirectly related to current issues but, pattern of asking become little trick with amalgamation of both static and dynamic portion.

Work of Developing Approach on Topics:

  • The most important thing that aspirants should focus on is working on developing an approach on subject matter topics. Aspirants should focus of what/ why and how approach to understand the topics with clear vision. For Example, aspirants should understand, why Indian National Congress was formed (Formation of Indian National Congress was an effort in the direction of promoting the process of nation-building), what all were the achievements of Indian National Congress as Organisation and what kind of impacts it created in terms of both positive and negative impact.

Keep working hard, elaborate study plan and try to stick with it. History-related questions are not tough, provided that aspirants are ready to travel extra yard and explore the untapped possibilities of scoring very good marks in this subject. What is being required is to work not only hard but also to work smart to cover the entire syllabus on the time.


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