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Preparation Strategy for Governance related Questions of UPSC examination

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Categories: Prelims, Published: 20th Dec, 2021

Going by the recent analysis of the UPSC prelims questions, one can easily predict that Indian Polity and Governance is the mainstay of the IAS Prelims Question Paper. Every year, IAS Prelims Question Paper always comprises of good number of Indian Polity and Governance Questions. In polity and governance part, UPSC is asking good number of questions from Governance part also, which includes all the major and minor policy decisions taken by the government and the Administrative reforms initiated by any of the Government in the power.

Governance part is one of the important portion in understanding government machinery and its important functions. Candidates preparing for the Civil services examination must have a thorough understanding of the subject so that questions related to this portion can be tackled easily. Governance topic comes under the subject of Indian Polity and governance in General Studies paper 2 of the UPSC Syllabus.

How to Prepare for Governance Related Questions?

Analyse Syllabus:

  • Aspirants should look to analyse syllabus as their first and foremost priorities. Understanding syllabus will help aspirants in prioritising the areas from which UPSC ask questions.
  • As far as Governance mains syllabus of UPSC is concerned; GS paper II comprises of Indian Constitution, Governance and Social justice and International Relations. As per the UPSC syllabus for GS Paper-2 topics starting from Government policies to Role of civil services in a democracy is considered as the portion under Governance.  
  • Most important topics in Governance part are development process and industry, important aspects of governance, role of civil services, welfare schemes for vulnerable sections etc. Aspirants should be thorough with the sub topics mentioned in the syllabus like role of NGOs, SHGs, citizen charters, pressure groups, e- governance etc.

Skim Previous Year Question Papers:

  • Aspirants should go through previous question papers to analyse the pattern of asking questions and the areas from which questions are being asked. Previous year question papers should be the guiding tool for preparation of governance-related questions.
  • Aspirants should try to solve the previous year question papers to identify their lacking approach & mistakes they are committing and further, how they can improve themselves. Previous year question papers should be considered very seriously by aspirants, as they will push forward the aspirants in the right direction by adopting right approach in terms of preparation mode.

Integrating Current Issue with Static Part:

  • Aspirants should look to integrate current issues with static portion as UPSC ask questions form the current issue topics but, such topic has linkage with static portion. Any student preparing for Civil services examination should have this art of linking topics.
  • Considering the dynamic nature of the syllabus the right approach for any aspirant should be to holistically cover this (Governance) part by keeping a regular track on newspapers and magazines like Yojana.

Source + Notes Making:

  • For covering governance part, aspirants should also look to rely on important source materials like government backed websites or magazines. To augment preparation, aspirants can refer to sources like PIB website, recommendations of 2nd ARC reports 1, 9, 10, 11 and 12, Economic Survey and selected chapters from India year book.
  • It is advisable that; aspirants should make their own notes with standard definitions for the topics like Social audit, e-governance, SHGs etc. along with the recent initiatives. It is also important to keep in mind that examples play a crucial role in this paper. So, while writing answers, aspirants should support their points with revenant examples to provide edge to their answers.  Analysis of government schemes with respect to vulnerable and marginalized sections of the society is also important.

Develop Art of Building Concepts:

  • Aspirants should look to build concepts on topic so that their approach of thinking pattern on issues can move forward in right direction, which can ultimately help aspirants in clearing CSE Examination. Without developing concept on topics, aspirants will not only forget the subject material that has been covered but also lack knowledge base to solve questions. For undertaking importance of e-Governance in HealthCare, You can click on this link: https://iasscore.in/best-practice//best-practice-e-governance-in-healthcare For Example, if any aspirant is reading about e-Governance, then they should have this ability to identify all pros and cons of e-Governance. Like, as far as advantages of e-governance is concerned:
    1. It Improves delivery and efficiency of government services
    2. Improved government interactions with business and industry
    3. Citizen empowerment through access to information
    4. More efficient government management
    5. Less corruption in the administration
    6. Increased transparency in administration
    7. Greater convenience to citizens and businesses
    8. Cost reductions and revenue growth


 Concerned Ministries

 Objective of Scheme

1.      Ujjwala 2.0

  • Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas.
  • It aimed to provide maximum benefit to the migrants who live in other states and find it difficult to submit address proof.
  • A financial support of Rs 1600 for each LPG connection will be provided to the BPL households.
  • An additional 10 million LPG connections will be provided to the beneficiaries.

2.      PM SVANidhi

  • Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA)
  • Providing affordable loans to street vendors.
  • The vendors can avail a collateral-free, working capital loan of up to Rs. 10,000, which is repayable in monthly installments within a year.

At last, aspirants are advised to follow the suggestions given above and prepare their own plan of action, which suits their own way. No matter how many suggestions being provided to aspirants, without having own approach and decision regarding the subject matter, it will be difficult in moving forward in preparation of Civil services examination.


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