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11th May 2023 (7 Topics)

A ground view of the Indian Space Policy 2023


The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) released the Indian Space Policy 2023 that had been in the works for some years.

What is different?

  • Vision: The ‘Vision’ is to “enable, encourage and develop a flourishing commercial presence in space” that suggests an acceptance that the private sector is a critical stakeholder in the entire value chain of the space economy.
  • Multiple role: It defines its role in India’s “socio-economic development and security, protection of environment and lives, pursuing peaceful exploration of outer space, stimulation of public awareness and scientific quest”.
  • Roles of institution: It clearly spells out the roles of the Department of Space, ISRO, IN-SPACe, and the NewSpace India Limited (NSIL).

Role of Private sector

  • End-to-end activities: Non-government entities (this includes the private sector) are “allowed to undertake end-to-end activities in the space sector through establishment and operation of space objects, ground-based assets and related services, such as communication, remote sensing, navigation, etc.
  • Launch and operate Vehicles: NGEs can design and operate launch vehicles for space transportation and establish their own infrastructure.
  • Regulation by IN-SPACe: The activities of the NGEs will be in keeping with guidelines and regulation to be issued by IN-SPACe. It is expected to act as the single window agency for authorising space activities “by government entities and NGEs”.
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