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9th September 2023 (9 Topics)

A Living Document


Our Constitution, the world’s largest living document, has served our country in an efficient manner for the last seven decades. However, it needs timely supervision for upcoming challenges.

Reflecting on the Constitution’s Significance

  • Birth of India's Constitution: The iconic old Parliament building was the birthplace of India's Constitution, crafted over 2 years and 293 days.
  • Contemplating the Constitution's Future: As we prepare to move, debates about the Constitution's future arise, including renaming India as Bharat.
  • Fundamental Debates on Constitutional Matters: Fundamental questions about terms in the Preamble, India's nature, and the "Basic Structure" argument are being discussed.
    The Rich Legacy and Ongoing Debates
  • India's Robust Constitution: India's Constitution, with 448 articles and 12 schedules, has efficiently guided the nation for seven decades.
  • Crafted by visionaries: It is a sacred document, shaped by stalwarts like B R Ambedkar, and enriched by leaders and debaters.
  • Evolving with Time: Despite its robustness, periodic re-examination of facets is essential, as demonstrated by the 106 amendments it has undergone.

Constitution's Evolution and Future Contemplations

  • Revisiting India's Identity: The "Basic Structure" argument and redefining India's nature are timely considerations for the Platinum Jubilee.
  • Vision of ‘Constitution as a Living Document’: Ambedkar's stance on the Constitution's adaptability and its role as a statement of intent is pertinent today.
  • Upholding Constitutionalism: Reflecting on global constitutional experiences, the editorial calls for conscientious constitutionalism as vital for a thriving republic.
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