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23rd March 2024 (10 Topics)

A Narrow Resolution


Pakistan's resolution at the United Nations to combat Islamophobia has sparked controversy and raised concerns about discrimination against other religions.

UN Resolution on Islamophobia:

  • Objection: Pakistan's push for an "International Day to Combat Islamophobia" at the UN faced objections from countries like India, who argued against singling out one religion.
  • Approval: Despite objections, the UN declared March 15 as the day to combat Islamophobia and approved the appointment of a special envoy to address the issue.
  • Neglecting discrimination against others: Critics argue that the UN's focus on Islamophobia neglects discrimination faced by followers of other religions and undermines the principle of religious neutrality.

Indian Response and Concerns:

  • Addressing discrimination against all: India emphasized the need to address discrimination against all religions, not just Islam.
  • Religious intolerance: They highlighted instances of religious intolerance and violence targeting Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, and other non-Abrahamic communities
  • Inclusive approach: India urged the UN to adopt a more inclusive approach that acknowledges the diversity of religious discrimination and promotes pluralism.

Criticism of Pakistan and Addressing Religiophobia:

  • Condemned resolution: Critics condemned Pakistan's resolution, citing its own record of religious persecution.
  • Undermined credibility: Pakistan's history of discrimination against religious minorities, such as Ahmadis and Baha'is, undermines its credibility in championing the resolution.
  • Rejecting all forms of religiophobia: Calls were made to reject all forms of religiophobia, including anti-Hindu, anti-Buddhist, and anti-Sikh sentiments, and to promote tolerance and religious freedom for all.
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