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A President for the Republic

  • Published
    25th Jul, 2022


The election of Droupadu Murmu for the Presidential post signifies a shift in the political dynamics and collective conscience of the nation.

Without social democracy, political democracy would remain hypocritical and lack the conviction required to bring about egalitarianism. – Dr. B. R. Ambedkar

How this has changed the political dynamics?

  • Shift from European values: The recent Presidential election has changed the political dynamics of the largest democracy in various ways. One of the major changes it has received is a shift from European values.
  • Politics is about mass: The political DNA and strategy have changed direction since the 2014 general election results, as the political strategy changed its direction towards mass politics.
  • Less elitist: The political sphere was dominated by the elitist class in the nation. The recent election has evidenced the reduction in the domination of the elitist class from the political horoscope.
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