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16th March 2024 (14 Topics)

Adani Project sparks concern in Sri Lanka


A wind power project being executed by Adani Green Energy in northern Sri Lanka has run into controversy, with locals and environmentalists raising concern over its possible impact on the coastal region and livelihoods.

1: Dimension- Issues highlighted in the Project

  • Threat to biodiversity: The Adani wind energy project could spell danger to the biodiversity of the area and impact people’s livelihoods that are tied to the coastal environment.  Fishermen worry that changes in the coastal landscape may affect marine biodiversity and therefore their catch
  • Avian habitat protection: Mannar is part of the Central Asian Flyway, an important migration route for many waterbird species around the world. 
  • The Central Asia Flyway covers Eastern Europe all the way to far Eastern Russia. Mannar is in fact one of the main entry points and around a million birds remain there.

Impact on human lives: Scores of families in the island’s Tamil-majority north and east, are still struggling to rebuild their lives, this project can hinder their progress.

2: Dimension-India’s interests in Sri Lanka’s renewable sector

  • Sri Lanka’s north and east have significant potential for renewable energy.
  • This renewable energy deal is the third India-backed energy project coming up in Sri Lanka’s north and east. 
  • India has an interest in maintaining a foothold and dominating the two provinces given the proximity to India as well as Trincomalee harbor, which is located in a strategic area.

Fact Box:

Power plant profile: Mannar Wind Farm-Adani Green

  • Mannar Wind Farm-Adani Green is a 250MW onshore wind power project.

Mannar, Sri Lanka

  • Mannar is the largest island, off the northwestern coast of Sri Lanka, linked to the mainland by a causeway.
  • It lies at the eastern end of Adam’s Bridge, a chain of shoals.
  • It is a dry and barren island; the area is sandy.

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