America’s mistakes in the ‘forever war’

  • Published
    17th Jun, 2021

GS-II: International Relations

  • Bilateral, regional and global groupings and agreements involving India and/or affecting India’s interests.

After 20 years of war, when the world’s mightiest military is exiting Afghanistan, the Taliban, which it sought to perish, are at the height of their influence since they were driven out of power.

Terrorist networks, which the U.S. vowed to destroy when it launched its global war on terror in Afghanistan, are now scattered across Asia and Africa, from eastern Afghanistan to the Sahel region.

Prelims question:

Which of the following pairs are correctly matched?

Countries Parliament names
1.Afghanistan Shora
2.Israel The Knesset
3.Pakistan Majlis
4.Bhutan Tsogdu

Select the correct option using the codes given below:

  • A.
  • B.
  • C.
  • D.

Mains Question:

“Ideas, as important as they are, will not go anywhere unless these ideas have got material power backing them.” Analyze the statement in the light of the shortcomings in the India’s foreign policy.(250 words)


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