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22nd March 2024 (10 Topics)

BhashaNet Portal


MeitY successfully unveiled BhasaNet portal

What is BhasanNet Portal

  • The BhashaNet portal is designed to support the cause of Universal Acceptance by providing resources, tools, and information to help developers, businesses, and organizations make their applications and systems UA-compliant.
  • It works to provide a truly multilingual internet, where local language website name and local language email id, work everywhere seamlessly.


  • Encouraging use of local language website name and email id.
  • Promoting awareness of local language url and email id.
  • Developing policies and regulations.
  • Supporting technical collaboration.
  • Engagement of Website owners, Web-Developer Community, Web Security experts.

What is Universal Acceptance?

Universal Acceptance (UA) is a concept that aims to ensure that all domain names and email addresses, regardless of language or script, can be used by all internet-enabled applications, devices, and systems. The goal of UA is to create a more inclusive digital world where individuals can fully participate without facing linguistic barriers.

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