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6th December 2022 (8 Topics)

Climate talks as shortchanging international law


There seems to be a collective effort to change the basic structure of the Climate Treaties where de-carbonization of arbitrarily selected sectors has to be discouraged.

Missing elements of Climate Negotiations

  • Unawareness: Citizens in developed countries are not even aware that two-thirds of their national emissions of carbon dioxide come from their diet, transport, and commercial sectors.
  • Need for fossil fuels: Global well-being will be followed by the urbanization of the developing country and it will be requiring fossil fuels to achieve comparable levels.
  • Essential Emissions: As late urbanizers, developing countries need vast quantities of cement and steel for infrastructure creation, thus resulting in essential emissions.

Politics, not Science

  • Questionable Climate Laws: In the climate negotiations, areas of interest to developing countries are not covered or sparsely covered, while other areas are over-regulated.
  • Environmental Aggressor: We must see ourselves not only as victims of environmental degradation but as aggressors and change our patterns of consumption and production.
  • Politically acceptable solution: Long-range planning to cope with global environmental problems can be achieved by a systematic reduction in per-capita production of goods and services.
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