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12th January 2024 (9 Topics)

Coal Controller Organisation's Restructuring and Responsibilities


The Ministry of Finance's recent approval of the restructuring of the Coal Controller Organisation marks a significant milestone in aligning the organization with the evolving dynamics of the coal sector.


About Coal Controller Organisation:

  • The Coal Controller Organisation, operating under the Ministry of Coal, is entrusted with collecting and maintaining coal production data from both private and public sector coal mines across India.
  • Operating on a monthly basis, the organization plays a pivotal role in ensuring fair production and commercial transactions within the coal sector.

Key roles:

  • Regulate commercial mining
  • Boost domestic coal production
  • Achieve the ambitious target of 1 billion tonnes with zero imports.


  • The Coal Controller Organisation, a subordinate office under the Ministry of Coal, undertakes various responsibilities to uphold the integrity of coal production.
  • This includes inspecting collieries to verify coal class, grade, or size accuracy, issuing directives for maintaining coal grades, and acting as an appellate authority in disputes.
  • The organization also regulates coal stock disposal, oversees quality surveillance, and plays a crucial role in the assessment and collection of excise duty on raw coal.

Need for Restructuring:

  • In response to the changing landscape of the coal sector, the Ministry of Coal initiated a comprehensive review in November 2019.
  • A four-member Committee, led by A.N.Sahay, proposed restructuring to enhance the organization's effectiveness.
  • With a focus on regulating commercial mining and boosting domestic coal production, the restructuring received approval from the Ministry of Finance on October 20, 2023.

Current Status and Future Plans:

  • The restructuring entails a new sanctioned strength of 130 personnel, distributed across Gazetted and Non-Gazetted groups.
  • The Ministry of Coal and the Coal Controller Organisation are in the process of approving recruitment rules for these sanctioned positions.
  • This marks a crucial step in implementing the restructuring and enhancing the organization's capabilities to meet the challenges and opportunities presented by the evolving coal sector.

Coal Controller Organisation's Commitment to Safety:

  • Aligning with the Directorate General of Mines Safety (DGMS), the Coal Controller Organisation prioritizes safety and health standards in the mining industry.
  • Safety provisions are incorporated into agreements with private mine allocattees, ensuring compliance with laws and industry practices for the protection of employees' health, safety, welfare, and minimum wages.

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