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14th November 2022 (7 Topics)

14th November 2022

Mains Question:

Q. Raising the age of marriage and age of consent have both been considered as measures for women emancipation, for historical reasons in India. Do you think there is a need to rethink of age of consent in light of POCSO act? (250 words)


The question is of analytical in nature.

  • Introduce POCSO act provisions and its gender neutrality.

Question Mapping

  • Subject: Polity & Governance (GS-II)
    • Sub-topic: Governance, Important Acts
  • Discuss the salient features of the Act
    • A gender-neutral law
    • Not reporting abuse is an offence
    • No time limit for reporting abuse
    • Maintaining confidentiality of the victim’s identity
  • Discuss about the conflict of interest between age of marriage and age of consent.
  • Mention the concerns regarding POCSO act.
    • Misuse of the Law, blanket Criminalisation
    • Burden on Courts
    • Issue of Child marriage common among certain tribal groups in India
    • Cybercrime, low level of awareness
  • Mention recent judgements in relation to act (Vijaylakshmi vs State Rep case)
  • Conclusion



Grant-based and concessional international public climate finance has a key role in addressing the needs and priorities of developing countries.

Unachieved goals

  • $100 billion goal: UNFCCC Standing Committee on Finance (SCF), report says that the $100 billion goal is unaccomplished, & the mobilization of private funds by developed countries hasn’t yielded.
  • Sources of Data: The SCF report relied mainly on the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and Oxfam reports for aggregate climate finance trends.
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