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15th September 2022 (7 Topics)

15th September 2022

QUIZ - 15th September 2022

5 Questions

5 Minutes

Mains Question:

Although developed countries are currently producing large amounts of electronic waste, the rate at which e-waste production is growing in developing countries is a major concern. Address the causes resulting in the ‘exportation’ of e-waste to developing countries, and possible mitigation strategies to address this growing environmental justice issue. (250 words)

Question Mapping

  • Subject: Environment (GS-III)
    • Sub-topic: Environmental Degradation, Environmental Governance


  • Introduction- Brief about growing e-waste issue and global waste trade.
  • Causes/Reason
    • growing demand for electronics
    • High cost of recycling
    • Easy dumping option
  • Discuss impact on developing countries
    • Environmental justice issue
  • Health issues (thyroid problems, neurodevelopmental deficits and cancer)
  • Illegal waste trafficking
  • List out important challenges 
    • illegal movement of e-waste from developed countries to their developing counterparts
    • informal recycling operations (health impacts and environmental damage)
  • Suggest ways to negate the negative externalities of e-waste
    • Clarifying international guidelines for re-integrating discarded technology into new products 
    • creating a e-waste circular economy
    • designing products in way that supports reuse, durability and eventually safe recycling
    • proper disposal at individual level
  • Mention Basel Convention, 1989 (treaty to prevent the movement of hazardous waste from developed to developing countries)
  • Wrap up your answer with a way forward

*Also mention how a connected global economy means countries are trading not only products and chemicals, but waste.



The UNESCO “United Nations World Water Development Report” of 2022, and the latest Water Report of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) have flagged, the issue of the deepening water crisis.

Reports raising concern about water stress:

  • Water Scarcity Clock, an interactive web tool shows that over two billion people are experiencing high water stress.
  • The Global Drought Risk and Water Stress map (2019) shows that western, central and parts of peninsular India are highly water stressed.
  • A NITI Aayog report, Composite Water Management Index (2018) has made a mention about the worst water crisis in the country.
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