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17th August 2022 (9 Topics)

17th August 2022

QUIZ - 17th August 2022

5 Questions

5 Minutes

Mains Question:

Q1. “In an era of rising cost of living, providing access to free period products is fundamental to equity and dignity” Comment (150 words)


  • Introduction- Brief about rising cost of living and its impact on women
  • Period poverty and its impact
  • Discuss how period is a financial burden
  • Period laws in India
    • Nil GST for sanitary napkins
    • Menstruation Benefits Bill, 2017
  • Challenges/Issues 
    • Financial constraints
    • Awareness issues
    • Attached social stigma
  • Required measures (Give example of Scotland)
  • Conclude accordingly 



Prime Minister announced that India has achieved its target of blending 10% sugarcane-extracted ethanol in petrol, ahead of schedule.  India’s aim is to increase this ratio to 20% originally by 2030 but in 2021, when NITI Aayog put out the ethanol roadmap, that deadline was advanced to 2025.

What is ethanol blending?

  • Naturally Produced- Ethanol is a biofuel, naturally produced by the fermentation of sugars by yeasts or by petrochemical processes like ethylene hydration.
  • Derived from agricultural products- In ethanol blending, a blended motor fuel containing ethyl alcohol derived from agricultural products is blended with petrol specifically.
  • High in oxygen content- Ethanol is high in oxygen content, allowing an engine to more thoroughly combust fuel. 
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