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17th July 2023 (8 Topics)

17th July 2023

QUIZ - 17th July 2023

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Celebrating 25 years of the India-France strategic partnership was at the top of the agenda during the Prime Minister’s two ­day visit to France where he was invited to be the chief guest at the Bastille Day parade.

What is Bastille Day?

  • National Day- The national day of France is celebrated on July 14, also known as Bastille Day or Fête nationale française, and is marked by a long military parade.
  • Storming of Bastille- This was the day on which ordinary people stormed Bastille, a 14th century fortress-prison in Paris that was used to incarcerate political prisoners.
  • Tri-Service Participation- In 2009, Indian soldiers were invited to take part in the ceremonies and the military parade was opened by a contingent of 400 members of the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force.

Uniqueness about India-France Relationship:

  • Respecting strategic autonomy- France has remained steadfast in its refusal to comment on India’s internal a?airs or its foreign policy choices.
  • Not joining the western narrative- In 1974, and in 1998, France did not join the western push to sanction India for its nuclear tests.
  • No compulsive drag- Neither country has any de­sire to pull the other into a coalition, grouping or alliance the other is a part of, and both seem con­tent with the success in forging the relationship bilaterally

Plans Ahead:

  • Horizon 2047- Chief among the agreements was the strategic road map for the next 25 years — “Horizon 2047” — which includes cooperation in defence, space, climate change to name a few.
  • Indo-Pacific cooperation- Another road map was re­leased on how to cooperate further in the Indo­ Paci?c region, which includes military and naval exchanges and a trilateral development fund to help countries in the region.
  • Defence Ties- The decisions, in principle, to buy 26 more Rafale ?ghter jets; three more Scorpene subma­rines, and an agreement between Hindustan Aeronautics Limited and Safran for helicopter engines.
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