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19th November 2022 (7 Topics)

19th November 2022

Mains Question:

Q. Methane emissions contribute between a third and a half of all the warming we have had to date, yet this greenhouse gas is entering the atmosphere in unprecedented amounts today. Discuss the causes behind methane emissions and also suggest measures to tackle this menace.


The question is factual and analytical in nature.


  • Introduce the methane emissions and sectors contributing.
  • Discuss why it is more harmful than other GHGs.
  • Mention the sources of methane
    • Biological Sources, Agriculture, Rice and livestock
    • Recent Emissions from Permian Basin
    • Oil and gas, Metallurgical coal, Waste (Landfills and legacy waste)
  • Describe the steps/initiatives taken
    • International Methane Emissions Observatory
    • Oil and Gas Methane Partnership 2.0
    • COP 26 Pledges (Global Methane Pledge)
    • MethaneSAT
    • UN Initiatives, India’s Initiative
    • MARS (CoP 27), Climate and Clean Air Coalition
  • Suggest Measures can be taken Further to Reduce Methane Emissions
  • Conclusion



In recent time the governors, particularly in the opposition-ruled states seems to be drifting away from the constitution. It makes a case to visit the governor’s role, powers, and duties.

Acting in harmony

  • Rules of Business:Governors exercise “all their powers and functions” by making rules for thetransactions of the business of the government of the State in accordance withArticle 166.
  • Satisfaction of the Governor: The satisfaction required by the Constitutionis the satisfaction of the Governor in the Constitutional sense under the Cabinet system of the Government.
  • Governor’s discretion: Except exercise of power under article 356, the Governor while acting in his discretion, will act in harmony with his Council of Ministers.
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